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The History of My House: What is Tribal House?

What is Tribal House?

My original genre of choice. Tribal house was the sound of the late night club. The sounds of Vinyl, Sound factory. The best of the NYC afterhours. This is where my love of DJing began. Part techno, part diva, part ‘pots and pans’, all drums. Chances are if you were in a New York club in the late 90s or early 2000s you would understand what is tribal house.
The tribal sound that I championed started for me with global underground cds of Danny Tenaglia and Steve Lawler. Chus n Ceballos, Roger Sanchez and even Jonathan Peters were the DJs that I emulated and crafted my sets around. They were pioneers in using CD decks and looping to craft new songs out of the 3 or 4 tracks that were playing. Of course vinyl was still the top format during this era. To master this music you still had to master beatmatching 2 records..
Armed with 3 turntables, 4 CD players and  a rotary DJ mixer as the console of choice the tribal house DJ preferred long flowing mixes. Individual tracks could be 8-12 minutes long and could easily be weaved into another track. Vocals of one track gliding over the beats and basslines of another made every mix a new, unique song. The DJs were encouraged to play “extended” sets. It was rare to go see a DJ for only an hour, most would play the entire night and into the next day. 
what is tribal house - don stone rotary dj mixer
(Don Stone on the Rane 2016, mixing 2 CDJS and Ableton Live for vocals and samples)
Below are some of my first recorded DJ sets.  (please forgive some of the mixing skills) These are a blend of tribal, progressive, techno and funky house.  Their vibe is distinctly inspired by my NYC afterhours experiences in dark rooms with big speakers listening to tribal house. What is tribal house? If you don’t know, better ask somebody.

And Now what you’ve all been waiting for

Tribal House Music

(recorded in 2009 with tracks from Oscar G, Radioslave, Steve Lawler and more)


(recorded in 2004 with tracks from Murk, Steve Lawler, Mara, Audiofly and more)

(recorded in 2004 with tracks from Missy Elliot, Junior Jack, Infusion, Coldplay and more)

(recorded in 2005 with tracks from Offer Nissim, Superchumbo, Roman Lieske, DJ Chus, Chab and more)

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