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I Live for the Funk: What is Funky House?

What Is Funky House?

So what is Funky House? Before EDM acquired Nu-disco, Tropical House, Deep House and Beach House, there was Funky House. The sound that filled every beach club from Ibiza to Miami. Smooth tropical vibes with disco and funk samples arranged seamlessly with diva vocals and even electro house bass lines. Acoustic drums and rhythm guitars were the norm for many of these tracks. Depending on the time of day or venue the tracks ranged greatly in BPM. Some Funky House was chill while other tracks were destined for the main floor of a club. The addictive vocals will have you chanting “One More Time” till the end of time.

Early pioneers of the sound included Armand Van Helden, Roger Sanchez, Peter Heller, Basement Jaxx and Daft Punk. The sound was a massive hit across Europe breaking onto the pop charts in the late 90s and early 2000s. Labels like Hed Kandi, Defected, Stealth and Subliminal dominated the Funky House charts. Superstars like David Guetta, Axwell and Calvin Harris got their starts in Funky House.

From Dusk till Dawn

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For me these tunes always brought back memories of adventures in Ibiza and Miami. On yearly trips to the Winter Music Conference I spent half the day searching for the latest and greatest Funky House tracks to bring back to Upstate NY and be the first to drop tunes like Eric Prydz, Call on Me, or The Shapeshifters, Lola’s Theme. All the major tunes still hold a spot in my heart and I love exposing the crowds to these original versions as opposed to a newer EDM brotastic version.

Below are some of my earliest DJ recordings available. Mixes from 2004 on are included. Looking back I can hardly believed I played these tunes with such a high BPM. Must have thought I was Bad Boy Bill or Humpty Vision. These mixes will cross the lines into Tribal, Deep and Electro House but still bring the Funky vibe. Enjoy!

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Funky House Selections of Don Stone

(recorded in 2004 with tracks from Antoine Clamaran, JJ Flores, David Guetta and more)

(recorded in 2004 with tracks from Armand Van Helden, David Guetta, and more)

(recorded in 2004 with tracks from Roger Sanchez, Soulsearcher, David Armstrong and more)

(recorded in 2004 with tracks from Danny Howells, Junior Jack, Armand Van Helden and more)

(recorded in 2006 with tracks from Armand Van Helden, Rene Amesz, Tom Stephan, and more)

(recorded in 2009 with tracks from Louie Vega, The Shapeshifters, ATFC and more)


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