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Rave Photo Archives: The Venues

Rave Photo Archives

And now it’s time to start the rave photo archives for Don Stone Online. We begin with the upload of my rave, festival and nightlife photos that I’ve taken over the years. There are thousands of rave photos in the archive but I will be reducing the number to just a few hundred. Over the next few weeks I’ll be dropping a few articles filled with photos. 

The Venues

So I guess we’ll start with the venues. The clubs, warehouses, festival fields and bars that host events. The ground where we spend our weekends. The home away from home that we hold dear. It could be a one-off massive event or a weekly hole-in-the wall bar but they all are equally important. 

I love each type of venue for a variety of reasons. A warehouse can give you a deep, dark, vibe where you can dance without a care. A huge festival you can get lost in the pageantry, a tiny club you may know everyone there. It can be just as magical to be in the crowd as opposed to being the one on stage controlling the party. 

Below you’ll find photos take across NY State. If you were part of the Upstate New York rave/club scene around 2010 on you may even be in a few of these shots. Feel free to download any images from these rave photo archives. 

Gear used: This was circa 2010, and I just got my hands on a Sony SLT-A33 DSLR camera. While still able to take amazing pictures, the Sony is starting to show it’s age. It’s getting close to time for a major upgrade in the camera department. Any suggestions for a lightweight, travel-ready, all purpose camera?

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