Rave Flyer Archives: Volume 1

My “Official” Rave Flyer Archives

We’re going to be short and to the point with today’s post. It’s been a long day and my iMac is not cooperating at all. I’ve been contemplating what would be the best way to place all my old rave flyers and photos up on the site. I want to include it all as a “history archive” of sort. There are far too many photos to go through and retouch and edit them. Maybe down the road I’ll take the highest quality one’s and make an official portfolio but for now I’d just like to get all the content out there for your consumption. This post is dedicated to my first rave flyer archives.

So the gallery of rave flyers below will be sort of an experiment on how to present the images. I’ll be testing out a new gallery plugin for this. About 75 flyers in the pack. I feel that might be a little too many for the ADHD crew so I’d love some feedback if you feel it’s too many images for one post. Don’t worry I won’t force you to use a slideshow to view each flyer individually. (seriously fuck any site that does that)

(Best Flyer Ever?)

Where to Start?

For this first gallery I chose to show the events that I hosted with all my previous partners. Events mainly located in and around Upstate New York (Albany, Troy, Saratoga, etc).  Hush,  The Fuze Box, Pagliacci’s, George Bar, Tryst, Bangkok, Plastic, Fire & Ice, Jillian’s, and many other venues were used and abused for these events. I found flyers for many of our signature events: Housexxy, Speed Date, 51BassCamp, Fly Phishing, and Basics. Highlights of the flyers include performances by Donald Glaude, Orchard Lounge, Oscar G, Figure, Calvertron, Codes, Christian Scott, Boris, Break Science, Run DMT, B Rich, Baby Anne, Udachi, and DJ Micro. Behind the decks were far too many amazing DJs to name them all, mad love and respect to anyone who played our events through the years. The production company names changed through the years we always brought a unique vibe to all the events.  If you have any rave flyers you would like to contribute please don’t hesitate to send them over. Email me through the contact form.

And Here’s the Archive

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