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Local Bike Trails: Backyard Adventures

As as mountain biker of intermediate skill level I’m always trying to find trails that have a perfect balance of fun, work and danger. I want to be able to enjoy myself for more than a hour before the ride becomes more than just a workout. I also don’t want to be stuck riding the same 1 mile loop for an hour either. Traveling out of town is an option on weekends but I like to get on the trails a few times during the week as well. So it’s essential to find proper local bike trails to ride. Depending on where you live this is easier said then done. Hopefully this article will get you excited to find your own local bike trails. 

Mountain Bike Trail Sites

singletrack mountain bike trails

It’s refreshing to find excitement right around the corner. Thanks to the internet it’s easier than ever to find a local trail. My goto site is Singletracks. Without this site I would probably be riding the Colonie Town Park trail system for the 1000th time.  You can sign up on the site and add your trails, pictures, videos, reviews etc. They also have an app for on-trail use. If I need to find a place to go in a hurry, I’m using Singletracks. Follow me on singletracks.com

mtbproject local bike trails

MTB Project is another goto site. Part of the REI Co-op family, MTB Project brings you an enormous amount of info and detail on the site. I find it a little more daunting to navigate than Singletracks. It is still a great alternate resource for finding a “secret” bike trail.

Trail / Hiking Sites

These next few sites will help you find hiking and biking trails. Before heading to any of these trails with your mountain bike you should check the regulations for the trail. Many hiking trails do not allow bikes. While you may not get a ticket you should still respect the trails.

all trails logo, local bike trails

All Trails is the definitive hiking site. I use this site before every hike, trip or adventure I take. If you have are bored and have nothing to do take 5 minutes open this site and you’re sure to find something exciting and close.

trails logo - local bike trails

Trails.com is final suggestions for the day. Tons of info on trails around the globe. Mad easy to use the map search to find an area for every type of outdoor activity.

Upcoming Rides?

For me I might be hibernating this winter. I’m in Upstate New York and looks like we will be having a white, snowy winter this year. No fat bike for me so it’s difficult to actually get on the trails in the winter. I’ll be focusing on a few Winter hikes and staying in shape until March 2017 comes around. Until then here’s last year’s mountain biking season in pictures. Enjoy!

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