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2017 Goals and Resolutions – Daily Guide to the New Year

Goals and New Year’s Resolutions

Now that 2016 has finally coming to a close, it’s time to focus on goals for 2017 and what plans you have to make your life better. With the turmoil of 2016 behind us, positive progress in your own life should be a priority. While personally I had a fine year, I know many people will remember 2016 as a low point. If that is the case for you, be encouraged that is shouldn’t take much to make 2017 better. Every small step you do to better yourself will insure a brighter 2017.

So what are my resolutions? Some I’ve already started and I am well on my way to surpassing my goal. Others I will be starting on the 1st and there will be a very difficult road to success. The work towards these resolutions is what’s important. Sure I will reap the reward at the end when it pays off, but just knowing that I put the effort in every day is a reward in itself. In broad terms these are my goals for 2017.

Remove Daily Resistance from My Work/Art

There are so many things that make up resistance. Every little thing that gives instant gratification is a form or resistance that ruins my work drive for the day. The goal: to finally see past these resistances and instead actually do my work. To sit and write, or photograph, or DJ, or produce a song. To free myself and mind from the bondage of daily boredom cures (video games, Netflix, beer, social media). No reason one can’t indulge from time to time in these things, but to use these as excuses to not do my work is unacceptable.

Going Out

Bars, Restaurants, Fast Food, Nightclubs. This is a money issue more than anything else. The amount of money that can be saved by not drinking 3 beers or eating a hamburger at a restaurant is staggering. This is essential if I plan on actually succeeding on the quest for my future goals. Of course there is always FOMO (fear of missing out) as well. But honestly as much as I love all my friends, I hope they understand that I’m looking for just a little bit more out of 2017 than a night at the bar. Understand peer pressure and be able to just say NO if needed.

Practice and Learn Daily

Expand my knowledge by focusing on my interests. Limit expansion of “hobbies” to concentrate on the one’s that matter. Become pro. Focus education/reading away from “news” articles that have little bearing on actual life. Watch and read what is required to complete my work. Don’t use education as a way to procrastinate and not do work. Go to the library, books are free.

Avoid the Bait

Bye bye clickbait. While I do enjoy a good Facebook argument, this goes against everything I’m working for. It’s the ultimate form of resistance to work. You learn nothing by clicking a Facebook “news” article. Even actual reliable sources are useless since your “enemy” in an argument will brush it off as fake and not trustworthy. Best let this trend of social media die. I’ll miss you flat Earthers and Trumpeters. (not really)

Focus Both Mind and Body

Work out my mind and body daily. Even if it’s just 30 minutes in the AM, this needs to be a daily routine. Tracking of the workouts is essential to monitor progress.  Expand and relax the mind through meditation and yoga daily. Commute by bike daily when the Winter finally ends. Mountain bike and hike on weekends. Continue Philosophy education throughout year.


Prevent expansion of “stuff” that I need. Really concentrate and think about any purchases. Do I even need this? Get rid of excess clothes, junk, gear. Replace old essential gear but don’t go overboard. De-clutter your life.

To Own My Media

No longer give ‘Free” content to social media and instead use those platforms to entice content consumers to visit my own properties on my terms.

Onward to Adventure

This is what the year is all about. Use my newly created free time for adventure. Get out of the State, get out of the country. Just get out there and see what the world has to offer. I want to be able to leave on whim. To not be burdened by the boredom of daily life and to know that by packing a single bag I can hit the road at anytime. To not fear adventure and just do it.

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