Don Stone hiking Black Mountain NY

In the Beginning, there was…..

This Blog

This isn’t the story of House Music and Jack, nor the story of  the Earth and Baby Jesus. It’s just the beginning of this blog. While I have done this a few other times before, I finally was able to acquire an actual URL with my name, Don Stone in it.  So I have a little more incentive to keep it alive and well.  As we head into 2017 and an extremely uncertain future in the United States, it is a perfect time to get this started.

I’ve been spending the last few months reading and researching a variety of subjects that I’d like to give my take on. I’ve spent countless hours listening and reading from random authors and podcasters. The focus of many of the articles will be what I’ve taken away from these authors. As I learn, I hope to be able to express it back out to my readers. Just sitting down and getting these words out has been a step in the right direction and the start of overcoming procrastination, my biggest resistance.

DJing and Music Production

Of course this is me we’re talking about and of course there will be music. Both new and old mixes to dance to. DJing has been such a huge part of my life. There is no way I would just call it quits. Expect plenty of new mixes from Don Stone and Half Naked Disco. I’m not promising I’ll be back behind the decks in clubs or festivals but you will be able to find me here.

Travel, Hiking and Mountain Biking

I’m hoping for this to make the majority of the content. Places to go, things to see, anywhere, anyplace. The goal of every week of your life should be to try something new. I’ll strive to find something interesting to keep you up to date and informed on what I’ve been doing and where.


So as the technology grows faster and faster, it’s now simpler than ever to take amazing pictures and videos and create beautiful images. I’ll be sharing my experiences with you on the daily.

Don Stone on Life

This should be the most interesting and also the hardest category. My philosophy on life and health and the future. Bring on the haters.

The Goal?

So what am I trying to accomplish here? We’ll get to that in all due time. I’m just glad this is finally started.

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