4 Essential Podcasts that are Warping my Mind (in a good way) this week

I spend most of my day listening to podcasts, youtube, and netflix while at work. While I listen to a lot, not many are worthy of the title “essential podcasts”.  Each week I’ll try to go over the best of what I’ve been listening to. This week I’ve been deep into these podcasts. Some of the episodes are old, some brand new. There is too much good content to keep up to date. If you are interested in history, travel, weird fiction and alternate world Nazis, then these could be your essential podcasts as well. 

Essential Podcasts

dan carlin hardcore history - donstoneonline

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Blueprint for Armageddon, Episode 1

Hardcore History is the definitive history podcast on the internet. If you could only subscribe to one podcast, this should be your first choice. Dan Carlin‘s storytelling is 2nd to none. He brings you directly into the story and you will truly feel like you were there. This is how EVERY history teacher should teach history. Blueprint for Armageddon is a six part series consisting of over eighteen hours of brilliant storytelling. This is my 4th time listening to this portion of the Hardcore History podcast. Episode 1 centers on the powderkeg of turn of the century Europe. General war is on it’s way, is there anyway that it could be avoided? It’s the story of how one lucky man is responsible for the next 100 years of history.
Essential Listening Level : Must listen to before you die!

zerototravel - donstoneonline

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Zero To Travel Podcast

I’ve been binge listening to so I won’t suggest a certain episode(s). Jason Moore’s podcast will help you get on the road. An in-depth “how to” travel for extended periods of time, this podcast and website is essential for any adventurer. If you need a shot of inspiration to make it through your work day, pick a Zero to Travel episode. Some topics include: How to make money, how to travel, starting a travel business, and travel tech. There are over three years of shows to sift through. I’d suggest skimming and finding the one’s that you want to work on 1st. If you seek a “Location Independent” lifestyle this is the guide you are looking for.
Essential Listening Level : Follow your dreams and get your life started!


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Within the Wires Podcast

A serial fiction podcast from the team behind Welcome to Nightvale and Alice isn’t Dead. I’ve actually been playing the episodes exactly as the instructions on the “cassette” tell me. It’s been an interesting alternative to daily meditation. Putting your meditation into a the story gives you a whole different perspective on “meditaiton” . The only complaint I have is the commercial after turning the cassette. It can pull you out of your meditative state. One part Portal, one part Black Mirror, let your imagination run wild.
Essential Listening Level : You could live without it, but why would you?


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Imaginary Worlds Podcast

In the episode titled “The Man in the High Castle” they discuss the Amazon Series, The Man in the High Castle. The show is based on Philip K. Dick’s novel that offered an alternate history where the Axis Powers won the 2nd World War. The United States is separated in two. The podcast discusses not only the world building of the show but also “How fascism co-opts the culture that it absorbs and corrupts your own icons and imagery till you’re not sure what is yours or theirs.” If you’re obsessed with this show as much as I am you won’t want to miss out on this podcast for a deeper discussion. Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle comes to Amazon December 16th. Don’t forget to read the book for comparison to the series.
Essential Listening Level : Must see if you understand symbolism in film and want to understand actual current events and American politics.

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